The American Spirit Foundation

The non-profit American Spirit Foundation was established by entrepreneur, actor,  musician, and philantropist, Jimmy Bowen, to fulfill the mission to raise awareness of childhood diseases and medical research funding.

One of the many opportunities to participate, in addition to directly donating to this Go Fund Me page, is to attend our upcoming concerts at the Nashville Palace.

Jimmy Bowen, known in many genres of music worldwide, has established an affordable and entertaining show for music fans which takes place at the Nashville Palace.  Fans enjoy bluegrass, Americana, traditional and progressive country music artists at this one-of-a-kind performance.

Intimate conversation coupled with focus on the artist make for a very entertaining and enjoyable experience.  Fans can check out the latest lineup and opportunity to buy tickets by joining our Facebook page at jimmybowenshow/

Childhood cancer research takes time and money.  Donating to the American Spirit Foundation supports many opportunities to directly benefit children in our area.  Help us exceed our goal today.  Every donation helps foster advancements in medical research. Help spread the word!